The LogicPort software runs in demo mode when no hardware is present. In demo mode, the software generates simulated data so that you can experiment with software settings and get a feel for what the LogicPort has to offer. The installation includes several example projects showing actual acquired data. All of our software includes complete uninstall facility.

Software for the LA1034 LogicPort can be downloaded here:

       LogicPort Software build 2371 (4.8MB)

       Please Note: There is no need to uninstall previous versions.

If you are interested in the LogicPort but would prefer to start with more user and technical details, you can get the help files here:  

       LogicPort help files - English
  Deutsch Version der LogicPort Hilfe-Dateien:

       LogicPort help files - Deutsch
  Version franšaise de fichiers d'aide LogicPort:  

       LogicPort help files - Franšais
Printable sales brochure for the LA1034 LogicPort (PDF format):

      LogicPort brochure - English

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