LogicPort Interpreters
The LogicPort's software includes interpreters for CAN, I2C, Synchronous Serial (SPI), Asynchronous Serial (RS232),  Dallas 1-Wire (iButton), Quad/multi-IO SPI and ISO7816-3 (SIM and Smart Card) protocols. Its Synchronous Serial interpreter is very flexible and interprets 3-Wire, Microwire, PS/2 and other proprietary protocols in addition to SPI. The interpreted high-level data can be displayed along with the acquired waveforms as shown above, or in tabular form as shown below.

Interpreted values can be displayed in Binary, Decimal, Hex or ASCII format. Mnemonics are used to allow more data to be displayed within the available area. "Data tips" show expanded information when the mouse cursor is hovered over a mnemonic. In this example, the I2C "Acknowledge" bit is represented by the mnemonic "A".

As you can see, the LogicPort is capable of simultaneously interpreting multiple protocols. In fact, using its 34 channels the LogicPort can simultaneously capture and interpret any combination of up to 17 separate I2C interfaces, 8 SPI ports, 34 CAN or RS232 data streams!

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