LogicPort State List
The LogicPort's state list displays data in tabular form. The data can be shown in a "condensed" form, showing only unique states along with a time stamp. Columns can be rearranged as desired, and the data format can be specified separately for each column. The open menu shows a few of the functions available with a right-click of the mouse.

At the bottom of the window, up to four chosen measurements can be displayed. Measurements can range from the interval or transition count between cursors, to a frequency or period measured by the LogicPort's built-in frequency counter. This real-time counter is active regardless of sample mode or rate, and can measure frequencies up to 300MHz with 10Hz resolution. The counter will measure and display as many as four channels at a time.

In the upper right corner of the window you can see the buffer position indicator. This indicator shows the relative positions of the cursors and displayed data within the sample buffer.

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